Rethinking Urban Development

Exploring Cosmopolitanism and Regionalism in Post-Industrial Cities

By Vinita Pandey

In India, it is estimated that, by 2031, about 600 million Indians will reside in urban areas. This accelerated urbanization, along with globalization, is leading to the formation of post-industrial cities which are more cosmopolitan in their outlook. Further, globalization has indirectly threatened the regional identities of people and places. Cosmopolitanism and regionalism have been critical processes in India's socio-economic development. Both forces influence urban economy and development in diversified and critical ways. If cosmopolitanism fosters universality and social tolerance, regionalism consolidates brotherhood. It is significant to the country that cosmopolitanism helps in reducing regional conflicts. All these ingredients are vital for creating the ambience for urban development. This book presents the contrasts of cosmopolitanism and regionalism, and their latent and manifest connections with urban development in India's post-industrial cities like Hyderabad.

Publication Date: 9/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606537

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