Women's Studies in India

A Journey of 25 Years

Edited by: Madhu Vij, Manjeet Bhatia, Shelly Pandey

Women's Studies, by its very philosophy, is located beyond the individual. Its aim is to transform society for ensuring dignity to women through various institutional tools, such as teaching, research, policy advice, and extension programs. This book is about the journey of the past 25 years of initiated Women's Studies in India, in particular, the way it has been shaped at the University of Delhi. It highlights various women's concerns touched upon by the scholars associated with the Women's Studies and Development Center. The themes covered in the book throw a light on the trajectory of this journey with an interdisciplinary inquiry of women's realities. The book contributes to the understanding of gender against various backdrops, such as children, young urban women, the negotiations with violence, the representation of women in media and literature, India's caste and class realities, and the concerns that have emerged due to globalization.

Publication Date: 3/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606346