World Literature and the Politics of the Minority

Edited by: Jihee Han

This collection of essays examines the discursive topography of world literature, challenging the current West-centered monochronic vision of world literature. The book's contributors join their efforts in marking a literary space in which the polychronic literatures of 'minor' countries and peoples can be heard, uncaged from the epistemological frame of the West's 'other.' Concepts, such as 'the majority' and 'the minority,' are reviewed in the global framework of a capitalist world economic system, and the ethics of the new minority is explored. The 'minority' voices of the so-called 'major' countries of world literature - such as India's Dalit tribal writing, China's reception of William Shakespeare, and Japan's conscientious engagement voice - will be refreshing enough to rethink the Orientalism. At the same time, the rarely heard voices of Egypt's literature of diaspora, the United Arab Emirates's post-oil era imagination, and South Korea's literary activism will attract a new interest in the postcolonial conditions of 'minority' countries. The book invites the reader to take note of the digital interface system and the consequential nomadic mode of existence, rapidly spreading all over the world. Encouraging the reader to review 'the minority' not as a fixed position, but as a new transmutable space of 'becoming,' it provides a chance to meditate on the role of a new digital generation of humanists, challenging the capitalist world economy system.

224 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131605769