Society and Culture

S.P. Nagendra

Edited by: C. Lakshmanna, Jugendra Sahai

This commemorative volume contains some of Professor S.P. Nagendra's important and seminal contributions to sociology in India. The articles touch on traditions and their moral and ritual foundations, culture and policy implications, development and its important ramifications, along with Nagendra's tribute to his outstanding teacher, Professor D.P. Mukerji, who is considered the doyen among Indian sociologists. For Nagendra, ancient Indian society is the nearest approximation to what can be considered as the normal civilization, resting on principles which guided the hierarchical ordering of the traditional society. The social change in the traditional society is from one order to the other, similar to those in the life organism. On culture, Nagendra employs Dilthey's concept of 'interpretive understanding' to fully comprehend the different concepts of culture. Likewise, there are observations on other issues which are sociologically significant, such as the discussion on tradition and modernity. The book will be invaluable for both academics and the lay readers who appreciate the critical issues in modern Indian society.

278 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131605141