Backward Classes and Social Justice

Edited by: M.H. Makwana, Richard Pais

Indian society is characterized by a high degree of stratification, based on caste, creed, color, region, and social origin. Caste is a unique system of stratification found in India, intimately related to social, economic, and religious systems, and in recent times, to the political system as well. It is due to the prevalence of the caste system that social justice was denied to a substantial number of its population, including backward classes. The term 'backward classes' has not been defined in the Constitution of India, and, as a result, it has become increasingly difficult to work out a uniform criteria to measure their backwardness. However, an attempt on the part of Indian government to bring about social justice to the backward classes has resulted in the reservation policy. It is against this backdrop that this book examines backward classes and social justice. Divided into four sections, the first part of the book includes the editors' introduction, along with a profile of Prof. C. Paravathamma. The second part deals with the theme 'Backward Classes and Social Justice,' which is then followed by a section of papers on 'Dalits and Development.' The final section examines the problems of Dalits in various parts of the country.

348 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131604069