Culture, Stratification and Development

By K.L. Sharma

This book presents a well-knit analysis of the intertwining of culture, stratification, and development in India during the first decade of 21st century. "Social difference" and "power" are seen as the most effective bases of social stratification. Caste as a system has lost its appeal, but caste as a phenomenon has gained considerable space in elections, mobilizations, and in extra-legal actions. Caste is, thus, more of a state of mind and identity rather than a bedrock of intercaste and intracaste relations. Globalization has enhanced the significance of the concepts of "individual," "development," "freedom," "opportunities," "market," "competition," etc. Besides a critique of the caste system in the wake of these concepts and related practices, the book offers a lucid analysis of issues relating to gender, diaspora, cultural space, status, social opportunity, and mobility. Various views are discussed in terms of their significance for the interlinking of culture, stratification, and development.

292 pages

Publication Date: 11/1/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131604007

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