Relevance of Political Theory

By L.S. Rathore

In the absence of a philosophic framework, a theory is bound to be without direction and barren of meaning. Enclosed in nothing but an empirical framework, political theory is a contradiction in terms and a monstrosity. The craze for professional and specialized political theory that is relevant to society has been pushed to such an extreme degree that it has lost its 'conscience.' This book - based on research in India - maintains that political theory ought to be rooted in value premises, and factual knowledge ought to supplement its dimensions. A value-fact confluence model, where values are pivotal, would be a more relevant style in political theory, towards the building of a sane society. Theory is, at its best, an indicator, an illumination, an explanation, or a clue to the understanding of politics. It is, to a great extent, a mere derivation of the cultural values, and the social and economic conditions. To construct a bridge between political theory and political practice is an intricate task.

168 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131603642