Applied Statistics

A Course for Social Sciences

By P.K. Majumdar

Applied Statistics: A Course for Social Sciences will introduce readers to the versatile statistical tools and techniques of estimation of parameters, testing of hypotheses (both in experimental and non-experimental set-ups), the use of multivariate models to answer many research questions in a single shot, data reduction techniques, etc. Besides emphasizing the need for computer support for data transformation, data condensation, data analysis, and storing the data for future use, the book also deals extensively with non-parametric tests for use in situations where assumptions of parametric tests are doubtful. Analyses of time series data and index numbers have also been included. Though primarily designed for analysis of economic data, they also have great relevance in the analysis of varieties of social and demographic data. The text is written in a straightforward style, keeping in view the mindset of the end users - social scientists. Numerous diagrams and tables have been integrated to illustrate important concepts and techniques of analysis. A glossary, statistical tables, and a comprehensive index have also been incorporated.

592 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131603260

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