Gender Issues

Attestations and Contestations

Edited by: Rajul Bhargava

The essays in this study examine gender issues in South Asian literature, which have gained ground in this post-feminist era. Despite half a century of debate and rebellion, there is still an unevenness that disrupts smooth sailing in the area of literary criticism/gender studies. In many cultures, women still have not entirely come into their own. As well, oftentimes there's still a stigma attached to being born as female. What is the nature of the pressures and obstacles? How and where do the hurdles lie? In this book - where the space is the literary and the socio-political; and the time frame is contemporary - the analysis is topical. Contents include: How to Read - Or Rather, How Not to Read the Writing of Women * Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Indian English Women's Poetry * Appropriating the Male Space: A Study of Krishna Sobti's Mitro Marjani * The Pen that Defies the Sword: Taslima Nasreen's All About Women * Re-defining Boundaries: Thinking Gender Roles in Dopdi, Chauth ka Joda, and Pinjar * Women's Experience of Partition: A Study of Jyotirmoyee Devi's The River Churning * Community Narratives as a Source of Empowerment: Bama's Sangati * Centering the Marginality: The Poetry of Melanie Silgardo * The Spilt-Self in the Poetry of Kamala Das * Psycho-Dynamics of Women in the Postmodern Literature of the East and West * Gender and Social Stratification in Contemporary India * Bridging the Gap between Urban and Rural Women with Special Reference to Jharkhand * Changing Patterns of Man-Woman Relationship: An Interview with Professor Yogendra Singh * and more.

276 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131603246