Dalits and Economic Reforms

Edited by: Arun Kumar

Notwithstanding a glorious past, India also has a history of neglect, deprivation, and exploitation of the Dalits, a marginalized group in Indian society. In the past, social reformers stepped forward and launched movements in the attempt to bring about social justice in Indian society. National movements and the struggle for independence also highlighted the miserable conditions of the Dalits. Even after independence - in order to promote socio-economic equality, liberty, and social justice - many provisions were introduced in the Constitution of India and welfare schemes were initiated for uplifting the unprivileged Dalits. The implementation of India's New Economic Policy has created a new situation where the Dalits are once again being pushed into a state of anxiety. Whether they will benefit in this new system or not is a significant question for their existence. Indian society, even after six decades of independence, is still not free from the caste politics and other traditions which alienate the Dalits from the mainstream. It is against this backdrop that Dalits and Economic Reforms is presented, examining the social, political, economic, and educational problems of the Dalits.

203 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131603079

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