Environmental Issues

Behavioural Insights

Edited by: Parul Rishi

This book is motivated by the belief that psychology has much to contribute in offering behavioral insights on recent environmental issues which are threatening the existence of the planet. Due to the limited awareness of people regarding the potential of behavioral sciences in offering solutions to environmental problems, much of the environmental issues are oscillating in the hands of technological experts, still longing for lasting solutions. This book, written from the perspective of various scholars in India - psychologists, environmental scientists, corporate managers, and natural resource conservationists - culminates into a chain of thoughts, which take an integrative approach in balancing the interrelationship between people and the environment. The contents of book are varied, ranging from hardcore theories to the consumptive behavior of people, their mind-set, corporate social responsibility, environmental leadership skills, and well-being. The book's unique approach offers behavioral solutions to recent environmental problems, such as global warming, climate change, and urban environment stress. The book will encourage researchers to universally seek desirable new behavioral insights into environmental problems.

244 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131602614