Administration of Desert and Drought-Prone Arid Areas

Edited by: R.K. Choubisa, Rakesh Hooja

The development of desert areas, administration of drought-prone regions, arid zone agriculture, watershed development and 'watershed plus,' water use in arid and semi-arid areas, coping with drought - these are all of the vital importance for both the rainfed and dry farming areas in India. Their administration provides a special challenge, as well as an exciting opportunity, for innovative sustainable development. This book - which contains 24 articles by experts and practitioners, divided into four sections - will be of special relevance to those interested in the development of desert and drought-prone arid areas in India. The book examines: scientific and planned approaches to arresting or combating desert areas * monitoring desertification to social aspects of desert development * the development delivery system in desert districts * integrative machinery for desert development administration * grassland management and health problems in deserts * area development programs and area development authorities .*various aspects of watershed development, including the role of the government watershed departments, community-based organizations, and panchayats in watershed and 'watershed plus' * the undertaking of water harvesting projects * water as a tool in desert development * agriculture and land water management in arid areas * optimizing crop production * agriculture marketing * forestry * predicting and facing drought.

353 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131602423