Entering the Global Village

Essays on the Sociology of Communication

By Yogesh Atal

This book is a collection of seminal essays on the sociology of communication, penned by India's noted social scientist Yogesh Atal. Written for different audiences over a period of time, the book proffers analysis of the impact of the ongoing communication revolution in sociological terms through the processes of modernization and globalization, along with the task of nation-building in the developing countries of the world, with particular reference to India and Asia. The author forcefully argues that becoming part of the global village does not imply corrosion of cultural identities. The world is a global village only in the sense that countries and cultures have come closer together and that most societies of the world have become, in the process, multicultural. Cultures have shown their resilience and have survived the onslaught of technological changes. Societies have evolved a veritable symbiosis of tradition and modernity. At the same time however, modern technology has contributed to the process of the dumbing down of the younger populace, where traces are now being seen in the developing world as well. These thought-provoking essays will inspire social scientists to carry out further research using the suggested framework.

204 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131602096