Ecology, Technology and Economy

Continuity and Change among the Fisherfolk of Kerala

By P.R.G. Mathur

This is the first book of its kind dealing with the ecology, technology, and economy of the Mappila, Hindu, and Latin Christian fishermen of Kerala, India and their adaptation of modern technology. The traditional Hindu fishermen have lagged behind in adapting to modern technology, although the Latin Christians and the Mappilas have embraced every opportunity, and, as a result, they have become prosperous. The book highlights the impact of recent restrictions on trawling during monsoon seasons for the restoration of marine life along with other related issues. The author also pays special attention to evaluating the traditional ecological knowledge of the fishermen and the modern technological innovations. The continuity of the time-tested technology is emphasized in the traditional knowledge of fishermen in the understanding of various kinds of winds, currents, waves, and availability of species of fish. Caught between the hazardous nature of fishing as an occupation and modern technological innovations, should or could traditional fishermen give it up as a livelihood? This is the crux of the study. Following an anthropological approach, this is a study of absorbing interest.

449 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601976