Explorations in Method and Theory in Anthropology

By Gopala Sarana

This book is not a textbook in its real terms, but almost all the essays presented here deal with topics such as function/functionalism, structure/structuralism, diffusion/diffusionism, etc., which find a place in the syllabi of anthropology and cognate subjects taught in universities. Moreover, these issues are dealt with at much greater depth and in wider expanse. In no textbook is one likely to find the philosophical appraisal of functionalism discussed. Likewise, notions of structure and structuralism in social anthropology acquire a new look when these are viewed in the context of linguistic ideas. Even Levi-Strauss, who advised anthropologists to undertake such an exercise, did not take the issue to its logical conclusion himself. This attempt to tackle topics/issues - such as the universal definition of marriage, the nature of anthropological explanation, the concept of human nature, and the possibility of a nomothetic social anthropology - is sure to attract the attention of serious social science scholars.

470 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601631