On Education and Development

Essays on the Sociology of Education

By Yogesh Atal

Written by a renowned sociologist and a former UNESCO functionary, this collection of essays provides a social science perspective to investigate the complex relationship between education and development. Education is called upon to provide the tools to people to facilitate their adjustment with a new dynamism rather than to succumb to despair and disappointment. Treating education as a sub-system of the wider society, the author emphasizes the need to prepare the new generation to cope with the uncertain future by training them to unlearn and relearn skills. Author Yogesh Atal underlines the need to gauge the emerging trends, to envision the likely scenario of the future, to identify transition requirements, to locate the latent impact of education, and to redesign educational strategies. "Teachers and educationists can no longer afford to be mere disseminators of the already accumulated knowledge.... More than before, education today must be visionary and future-oriented in the face of startling scientific and technological advances and innovations, dramatic socio-economic changes and socio-political reforms, and greater cultural awakening." Underlying most of Atal's essays is the message to rethink the strategies relative to education.

218 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601594