Sociology of Adoption

By Elfreeda Momin

Adoption connotes the establishment of a socially constructed and legally sanctified parent-child relationships between those who do not share this biologically. As a universal custom, adoption has existed across large parts of the world since ancient times. However, cultural norms and practices related to it vary from society to society. Though there is a substantial and growing literature on adoption in Western countries, there is a virtual dearth of systematic, comprehensive, and empirically-based studies on the subject in India. Much of the existing literature on adoption in India remains sketchy and fragmentary. This book is the first full-length, empirical sociological study of adoption in India. It considers adoption as a dynamic phenomenon and views the complexities, challenges, and problems associated with it in a holistic perspective. The study focuses on the social, familial, and psychological problems and challenges faced by the adoptive parents before, during, and after the decision to adopt a child, and on post-adoption services and counseling provided by adoption agencies and non-governmental organizations.

235 pages

Publication Date: 10/16/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601372