Population, Environment and Health

Emerging Issues

Edited by: K.N. Bhatt

It is clearly noted that contemporary destructive growth processes and dominant development paradigms are posing a major threat to the 'web of life' on earth. As such, the major challenge before humanity is to create a people-centered and environmentally-friendly development process. The country of India needs a dymystification, democratization, and decentralization of its growth and governance structures. It also needs to remain dedicated to ensuring a life of dignity and security to its billion-plus people, improving their health status and the country's environmental quality. This collection explores the dynamic and complex interlinkages between population, environment, and health in India. The book analyzes the impact of human activity on the environment and the implications for human health, quality of life, social welfare, and sustainable development. Its twenty papers are thematically arranged in four parts - conceptual aspects, population issues, environmental concerns, and health dimensions. The book will be of immense interest to scholars, policymakers, students, and social/environmental activists.

332 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601334