Indigenous Science & Technology for Sustainable Development

Edited by: V. Subramanyam

Formal knowledge is developed in the university settings and research institutes of modern society, whereas Indigenous knowledge is the informal knowledge that exists in local societies. Indigenous knowledge of a human group covers a wide range of its members' perceptions of universal phenomena occurring in their immediate environment, as well as in the social, economic, and cultural practices of the people. The roots of modern technology are found in the indigenous scientific knowledge of different human groups. In recent times, many scientists, including anthropologists, have felt the need to preserve indigenous knowledge and its use for the sustainable development of tribal and rural folks. Indigenous knowledge is an important natural resource that can facilitate the development process in cost-effective, participatory, and sustainable ways. The research papers in this volume present the practical knowledge of tribal and rural folks of India in utilization of indigenous science and technologies in their subsistence activities. They examine issues such as indigenous knowledge systems, traditional subsistence systems, traditional health care systems, traditional folk media, indigenous science, resource management, and sustainable development.

368 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601310