Indian Women Novelists

A Feminist Psychoanalytical Study

By Jyoti Singh

The present study employs a gynocritical strategy to examine the six novels by contemporary Indian women novelists, namely, Shashi Deshpande?s The "Dark Holds No Terrors" (1980), Shobha De?s "Socialite Evenings" (1989), Githa Hariharan?s "The Thousand Faces of Night" (1992), Mrinal Pande?s "Daughter?s Daughter" (1993), Manju Kapur?s "Difficult Daughters" (1998) and Arundhati Roy?s "The God of Small Things" (1997). The aim is to focus on women?s experiences as women in the contemporary Indian society which is in a transitional phase-holding on to the traditional views yet inclining towards the forces of modernity like globalisation, materialism, consumerism and feminism. Efforts are made to record the emerging female voices using the tenets of the new women-centred psychologists, which suit the Indian cultural context.

192 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131601143