Democratic Decentralization and Planning

Essays on Panchayati Raj, District Planning and Development Administration

By Meenakshi Hooja, Rakesh Hooja

For almost 50 years since 1959, India has been striving to make decentralized democracy more meaningful and effective. Efforts at vitalizing development administration and at more relevant and efficacious district and decentralized planning have been underway since independence. Through 15 essays spread over five sections-Overview of Panchayati Raj in India; Some Issues Pertaining to Panchayati Raj; Panchayati Raj: Rajasthan Experiences; District and Decentralized Planning; and Development Administration at District and Sub-State Levels-the authors have traced the history of democratic decentralization and Panchayati Raj, as well as district planning and development administration in India both before and after the 73rd Constitutional Amendment. The authors have highlighted various aspects and issues, touched upon successes and failures, and commented upon the evolution of concepts and described what has been happening in actual practice, along with offering suggestions for the future. The book would attract all those interested in rural development, good governance, administration, district planning, decentralization and Panchayati Raj in their various facets.

344 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131600924