Studies in Gerontology

Intergenerational Perspective

Edited by: K.L. Sharma

The changing structures of societies, patterns of family interdependence, family and kin structures, demographic, social and economic trends have all affected the relationship between generations across the world. Such changes are going to have tremendous implications for contemporary and future societies. The most important issue is the extent of sharing of beliefs about social obligations and changes therein across and within generations. Although such issues related to intergenerational relationships are gradually attracting academic and non-academic interest, these have yet not been addressed systematically in research. The 23 papers in the present volume (both empirical studies and review articles), apart from highlighting existing patterns and perceptions of intergenerational relationships from Indian and Western perspectives, also focus on interventions aimed at strengthening intergenerational relations. The book will prove to be a valuable source material for sociologists, psychologists, gerontologists, social work practitioners and NGOs working in this field.

324 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131600825