Landslides of the World

Edited by: Kyoji Sassa

Landslide disaster is rampant in great number worldwide as population increase and urban development. In recent years, tremendous landslides often occur so frequently that they crash regional economy and people are killed in quite a number. The Japan Landslide Society has published the Landslide News annually since 1986 and distributed them to the world, which deals with a wide range of case studies, landslide forecasting, and disaster prevention. Landslides of the World, edited as a restructured binding from the back numbers, categorizes each case by causes and analyses landslide, collapse, liquiefaction, or creep. This volume comprehensively covers major landslide cases all over the world, which stands as a basic reference for the public administrators.

413 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/1999
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9784876980734
List price: $195.95