Transformative Dialogue for Third Culture Building

Integrated Constructionist Approach for Managing Diversity

By Kazuma Matoba

This book proposes an integrated constructionist approach for managing diversity. The two existing frameworks for diversity management - collectivistic moral framework and individualist utilitarian framework - do not seem to be well grounded in pragmatic theory. As a result, applications and training have often been lacking in substance and relevance, becoming even harmful when they are too moralizing. The integrated constructionist approach integrates these two conflicting attitudes towards differences, assuming that differences (or diversity) can be unified to minimize their negative potential and to maximize their positive potential. Organizations need their employees' individual competence, as well as their organizational competence, enabling them to construct and reconstruct their diverse realities by changing their communication and language use. The constructionist perspective on communication and language use adds an important conceptual framework to this new approach of diversity management.

236 pages

Publication Date: 4/12/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783940755797