Studies in Economics and Policy Making

Central and Eastern European Perspectives

Edited by: William T. Bagatelas, Getnet Tamene, David Reichardt, Bruno S. Sergi

Taking the reader far beyond the traditional boundaries, this book presents a broader, more courageous interpretation of economic thinking and the associated tasks of policy making. Based on perspectives from Central and Eastern Europe, the book conceptualizes the fundamentals of economic and managerial thought in the context of today's transformation process, offering a genuine account regarding the pace of adaptation and change in the wake of globalization's latest phase. Studies in Economics and Policy Making asserts that knowledge management has become an essential component in economic policy making beyond previous assumptions, while complimenting and enhancing larger achievements at domestic and international levels. Increasingly, necessary managerial skill levels and abilities - including enhanced leadership skills, effective communication, and capacities for knowledge mobilization - will help lead societies towards greater success amidst greater uncertainty.

220 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783940755667