A Child's Mind Required!

Evaluation Results on a Health Promoting Initiative on AIDS and Sex Education for Primary Schools

By Mary Lindner

We can be assured that as children grow up and become a new adult generation, they will discover not only approved areas, but also taboo areas in their environment and in life itself. In this timeframe, they will be most in need of advice and supervision to prevent them from inadvertently placing themselves in risky situations. The primary preventive approach to a life skills program on HIV/AIDS and sex education, called the "Child Mind Project," can be seen as such an initiative. This book evaluates the Project, with topics such as: psychosocial causes of unsafe health behavior of South African children and adolescents * life skills interventions on HIV/AIDS in South Africa * a needs analysis for health interventions - a case study of Kayamandi * research in the conditions of a developing country - aims and challenges * the implementation process of the Child Mind Project * assessment of the program by health promotion trainers and learners * results of the outcome evaluation * and developing an understanding of the evaluation of the proximal and distal context.

298 pages

Publication Date: 10/15/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783940755308