Innovating Teaching and Learning

Reports from University Lecturers

Edited by: Ludmila Adamova, Petra Murarikova

This book brings together the unique university teaching experiences of young researchers who are bringing innovations to their teaching and student learning, as well as enhancing student engagement. These teaching innovations will serve as a valuable source of inspiration for other teachers who face similar pedagogic problems. Divided into three sections, the contents include: a) "In-Class Activities Innovations" [problem solving groups as a tool for effective large group teaching * enhancing students' active learning by in-class games * mnemonics and creativity as tools for enhancing long-term knowledge retention * worksheets as a method of student activation]; b) "Process-Oriented Innovations" [the Bloom's Taxonomy as an organizing principle of the assessment innovation * helping students to enjoy academic writing]; and c) "Technology-Based Innovations" [inspiring students to read: blogs in philosophy of teaching * just-in-time teaching as a tool for encouraging students' regular pre-class preparation * using blended learning to develop student skills and motivation * self-scoring online quizzes as a tool for enhancement of student reading and comprehension]. *** "The main strength of this book is its presentation of 'small innovations': targeted learning strategies designed to meet a particular learning challenge or outcome within a course based on applied pedagogical theory. The theoretical work behind the innovation projects moves the volume beyond a simple 'teaching tips and tricks' manual, balancing practice with theory. important resource for stimulating critical reflection on teaching practice." -- Reflective Teaching, February 2015 [Subject: Higher Education]~

128 pages

Publication Date: 3/13/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783863880347