Contemporary Nomadisms

Relations between Local Communities, Nation-states and Global Cultural Flows

Edited by: Matilde Callari Galli

One of the most powerful and widespread ideal and political reasons underlying the birth and building of the Nation-state has been the concurrence of territory, culture and people. Lately, however, one can observe a complete overturning of the relation between territorial and social spaces. New forms of international migrations, new systems of communication, new financial flows, and new political entities constitute relations, which, by crossing over the old borders, take on a territorial multipolarity as the area of their sociocultural practices. Studying the new relations between culture and territory implies laying stress on the effects of processes of contemporary nomadisms at global, local, virtual, and everyday life levels. The volume contains a collection of essays that try to illustrate the trends of the ceaseless nomadisms spanning our world, the distinctive modalities by which they fuel yet are also subjected to the complexity of contemporariness, looking into an ethnography of the modern traffic of the incorporeal but also of identity experiences and of state and state-like practices enfolding them.

112 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783825897123