The Fragmentation of the Proper Name and The Crisis of Degree

Deconstructing King Lear

By Radhouan Ben Amara

This book is a rich interpretation of a rich text, providing a twenty-first century reading of a timeless masterpiece, and, in so doing, it points to the relationship of death and desire as a playing both with body and language. The book confronts readers with the ineluctable patterns which language and time inscribe within the open/closed Shakespearean space: Degree, division, and diversity as the focal points. Emphasis upon the corporeality of the human body links this study's textual interpretation with the corpus of the literary canon, itself seen as a body divided by performance and differed by reading. It prevails over the damaging engagement with the deconstructed text and dominates the conflictual tendencies of the reconstructed drama.

144 pages

Publication Date: 4/13/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783825867362