Islam in Africa

Edited by: Thomas Bierschenk, Georg Stauth

Contents: S. A. Nageeb, Stretching the horizon: a gender-based perspective on everyday life and practices in the Islamic sub-culture of Sudan; U. G?nther & I. Niehaus, Islam in South Africa: The Muslims' contribution in the struggle against apartheid and the process of democratisation; A. Piga, A Neo-traditionalist Islamic associations and the Islamist press in contemporary Senegal; M. Singleton, Conversion to Islam in 19th century Tanzania as seen by a native Christian; A. N'Gaide, Islam, charismatic preachers and religious orders in high colonial Casamance; M. Pesek, Sulayman b. Nasr al-Lamki and German colonial policies towards Muslim communities in German East Africa; Q. Gausset, The spread of Islam in Adamawa; T.Tamari, Islamic higher education in West Africa; G. Abdoulaye, The graduates of the Islamic Universities in Benin. Thomas Bierschenk teaches social anthropology at the University of Mainz. Georg Stauth teaches sociology at the University of Bielefeld.~

240 pages

Publication Date: 11/8/2002
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783825861964