Another Language

Poetic Experiments in Britain and North America

Edited by: Katharina Vester, Kornelia Freitag

In an age of globalization, computerization, and commodification, why read poetry? This most literary, most artificial, and least profitable genre seems ill suited to meet today's challenges. Or is it? This volume, which collects papers and poems read at a conference on British and North American experimental poetry, demonstrates the opposite. Scholars and poets from five countries discuss the nature and the function of poetic experiment in our rapidly changing world: What is poetry's relation to science? What is, what can "experiment" in verse? How transnational is current poetry? And what happened to the "lyric I"? This volume speaks to the importance of "Another Language" - the language of poetic experimentation.

320 pages

Publication Date: 11/28/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783825812102