Modularization in the Wind Turbine Industry

Discontinuity in the Governance of Value Chains and its Spatial Implications

By Jan Markus Adrian

This book examines the organizational change of the wind sector in the course of product and value chain modularization. The methodology developed here analyzes modularization using standardized variables, and allows a classification of value chains at company and component levels. Necessary adaptation and learning processes change externalities and location requirements, which leads to a reorganization of relationships between components-as well as companies-and creates an organizational discontinuity. This leads ultimately to a new spatial configuration of the industry and its value chains. The author works as Export Advisor for Wind Energy at the Consulate General of Denmark in Hamburg. Dissertation. (Series: Geography / Geographie, Vol. 26) [Subject: Energy Studies, Organizational Change, Business & Management, Economics]

Publication Date: 12/7/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643909466