Gender. Nation. Text.

Exploring Constructs of Identity

Edited by: Lorraine Kelly, Tina-Karen Pusse, Jennifer Wood

This collection explores the multifarious manifestations of gender intrinsic to national ideologies, the use of gender in the construction and development of nation states, and the role of political, literary, and cinematographic discourses in cultural debates that define national and international borders in post-colonial societies. The selected essays focus primarily on Europe and Latin America and consider the implications of colonialism, dictatorship, and the transition to democracy on national identities as well as the deliberate use of gendered language and images in the development of discourses of hegemony, frequently used to underpin support for individual political regimes, or as a call to arms to defend national patrimony. (Series: Cultural Studies / Kulturwissenschaft / Estudios Culturales / Etudes Culturelles, Vol. 55) [Subject: Gender Studies, Politics, Sociology, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 12/31/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643909404