Za Using'anga Ndi Ufiti - About Healing Practice and Witchcraft

A Culture & Personality Study of Traditional Healers in Southern Malawi

By Moya Aliya Malamusi

In this book, cultural anthropologist Moya Malamusi gives readers a rare insider's view of the personalities and healing practices of traditional asing'anga (healers) in Malawi, southeast Africa. His account is based on over thirty years of participant field experience, which allowed the worldviews and methods of healers to become directly accessible through field interviews transcribed in Chichewa and translated with annotations on terminology. Dissertation. (Series: Studies on Ethnopsychology and Ethnopsychoanalysis, Vol. 9) [Subject: African Studies, Sociology, Ethnopsychology]

Publication Date: 7/30/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643907646