Role Plays for International Negotiations

By Alexander Muhlen

In the worlds of international business or diplomacy, the perfect negotiator is said to be both assertive and flexible, endowed with a brilliant intellect and an amazing memory. However, a negotiator's skills can be more aptly compared to those of someone who exceeds at sports - talent may be 20% and the rest is training. This book contains 14 role playing exercises, all based on real-life cases, that will help to develop negotiation skills. Navigating through the phases of confrontation, competition, and cooperation, the book demonstrates how to resolve conflicts and achieve win/win results. As with his first book, International Negotiations, author Alexander M?hlen, who is an experienced diplomat, shows readers in a step-by-step fashion how to succeed in negotiations. (Series: Cultures and Communication / Kommunikation und Kulturen - Vol. 4) [Subject: Communication Skills, Diplomacy, Business, Politics]

Publication Date: 7/30/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643906793