Turkish Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Economic Development within the Context of European Integration

By Selda Ulutas Aydogan

In line with recent global trends, in Turkey, the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policy gained momentum towards attaining economic development. Turkish STI policy makers channeled their efforts to gain power in the global arena through activities aiming to enhance the national STI base and boost international STI cooperation. European integration process and cooperation with Europe in the field of STI via participation to EU Framework Programs are observed to influence policy making and programming trends in Turkey. Turkish STI policy is analyzed in this book within the context of European integration in order to shed light on the main motives of policy formulation and implementation processes. Resting on ambitious objectives, investments, and initiatives, Turkish STI policy stimulates an analysis to elaborate better its basic credentials and set a reliable policy framework. The book presents a combined analysis of Turkish STI policy within the perspective of economic development theories, pressures of globalization, and the process of Europeanization. (Series: Studies in Economic Governance / Studien zur Staatswissenschaft - Vol. 7) [Subject: Economics, Politics, Turkish Studies, European Studies]

Publication Date: 10/20/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643906670