Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews

Comparative Studies on Contemporary Eurasia, India and South America

Edited by: Lidia Guzy, James Kapalo

The study of worldviews marginalized by mainstream modernity is an eminently important undertaking. It helps us better recognise, cherish and keep the values of traditions and practices that exist. This is important, when the uniform vision of the world heaped on us from the medias, modernist political movements and ideologies, revealed itself as unreal and fake, rendering it evident that the modern utopia of enlightened rationality is just a delirious nightmare.--Arpad Szakolczai, Professor of Sociology, U. College Cork. ***This book fosters dialogue on critical problems faced by endangered indigenous cultures and marginalised communities. The ethos is collaborative and comparative describing the implications for global society of the destruction and impoverishment of human and ecological cultural diversity. (Series: Ethnology: Research and Science / Ethnologie: Forschung und Wissenschaft, Vol. 26) [Subject: Sociology, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Politics, Globalization, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 11/30/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643906441