9/11 and its Remediations in Popular Culture and Arts in Africa

Edited by: Heike Behrend, Tobias Wendl

9/11 has been described as an "absolute event" that radically changed the course of history. It reinforced the opposition between Christian and Muslim worlds and led to the declaration of a unilateral war against a global network of terrorists that broke up the classical definition of war as a war between nation states. Yet, 9/11 also created responses in parts of the world that were not directly involved in the unfolding "war on terror." In Africa, local conflicts were re-mapped into an emerging new geography of anger that also reflects the effects of marginalization in a globalized world. The essays of this volume explore local remediations of 9/11 in African popular culture (posters, photographs, videos, cartoons, etc.) and visual arts. They give evidence of the fundamental ambivalence towards the event of 9/11 and provide insights into the various ways distant conflicts are translated into intense proximities. (Series: African Art and Visual Cultures - Vol. 3) [Subject: African Studies, Cultural Studies, Art]

Publication Date: 6/30/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643906274