Genocide, Totalitarianism and Multiculturalism

Perspectives in the Light of Solidary Personalism

By Bojan Zalec

This book presents essays that deal with genocide, totalitarianism, and multiculturalism. It starts with a detailed analysis of the concept of genocide as social death, followed by a reflection of Nazism and Stalinism in the light of Kierkegaardian concepts of anxiety and stadia of existence. The book also discusses different conceptions of multiculturalism and points to the unacceptability of multiculturalism, understood as axiological leveling of all cultures. Finally, the book applies the concepts of the theory of citizenship to enlighten the Slovene story under communism and its consequences. It provides concrete data about the (rather bloody) recent history of Slovenia. 'Solidary personalism' represents the background of all thinking in the book and the basic ethical measure. (Series: Philosophy in Dialogue / Philosophie im Dialog - Vol. 2) [Subject: Philosophy]

Publication Date: 4/28/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643906175