Moving Beyond the "Kosovo Precedent"

EU-Integration for Moldova and the South Caucasus

Edited by: Thomas Kruessmann

This book examines the EU integration experience of southeastern Europe as a tool-box for the European Neighborhood Policy, in particular for the proposed association of Moldova and the countries of the South Caucasus. Although EU accession and EU association are distinctly different concepts, the book defines a number of signature issues and lessons learned from the EU integration of southeastern Europe, and it provide a rich background for the policy choices that Moldova and the countries of the South Caucasus are facing. (Series: Grazer Contributions to the Law of the Countries in Southeast Europe and the European Integration / Grazer Beitrage zum Recht der Lander Sudosteuropas und der Europaischen Integration - Vol. 4) [Subject: European Studies, Politics]

Publication Date: 4/23/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9783643905994