Coverage of Political Occurrences in Asia

Pulitzer Prize Winning Articles, Cartoons and Photos

By Heinz-Dietrich Fischer

This book examines Asian-related, Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage from leading American newspapers. Contents include: (1932) About Quarrels and Aggressions of Japan * (1941) The Growing Strategic Role of Singapore * (1945) The Final War Days and the Surrender of Japan * (1948) The Hard Way to Sovereignty of India * (1950) Early Fighting during the War in Korea * (1963) First Phase of the Bloody War in Vietnam * (1966) The Main Decision Makers for North Vietnam * (1966) The Change of Government in Indonesia * (1971) East Pakistan on the Way to Bangladesh * (1975) The Communists' Strange Rule in Cambodia * (1977) Indochina Boat People Flee to Thailand * (1986) The Marcos System Ends in the Philippines * (1989) Tiananmen Square Killings Shake China * (1996) The Islamic Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan * (2003) Fall of Saddam Hussein's Regime in Iraq. (Series: Pulitzer Prize Panorama - Vol. 10) [Subject: Asian Studies, Journalism, Politics]

Publication Date: 8/10/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905925