Austria and America

Cross-Cultural Encounters 1865-1933

Edited by: Joshua Parker, Ralph J. Poole

While the end of the US's civil war marked a boom in US tourism in Europe, Austria's own civil war in 1934 both curtailed American tourism in Austria and marked a small, but important, wave of Austrian emigration to the US. The essays in this volume explore the ways Austrian-born immigrants in those years defined their own identities as American citizens; how they interpreted, performed, and profited from "American" modernity at home; and how their work - as immigrating authors, film makers, and musicians - impacted mainstream culture in the US, illuminating often overlooked connections, not only between Austria and America, but also between Austrians and Americans. (Series: American Studies in Austria - Vol. 14) [Subject: Social History, U.S. Studies, Austrian Studies, Migration Studies]

Publication Date: 10/7/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905765