Of that hour and day no one knows - Mark 13 as an apocalypse?

By Marius Nel

Many New Testament researchers accept that Mark 13 functions as an apocalypse. But, does this assumption reflect the purpose of the eschatological discourse that Mark the evangelist places in Jesus' mouth? This book investigates Mark 13 in order to answer the question of whether the evangelist also utilizes Jewish apocalypticism as the matrix to the query of the four disciples (Peter, James, John, and Andrew): When will the Temple be destroyed, and what sign will there be that it is all about to take place? The book concludes that the Markan Jesus employs apocalyptic language, but turns his discourse into an anti-apocalyptic text to address the overheated eschatological expectations of disciples at the time of the destruction of the Temple in 70CE. (Series: Theology in Africa - Vol. 3) [Subject: New Testament Studies, Religious Studies, Christianity, Jewish Studies]

Publication Date: 9/5/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905703