Echoes of Charis

Paul's Contextual Reflections on Salvation

By Stephan J. Joubert

This study focuses on Paul the Apostle's theological understanding of grace within the framework of benefaction in the ancient Mediterranean world. Amidst various forms of asymmetrical reciprocal exchange, which permeated social relationships in these societies, Paul deliberately chose another path. His theological reflections on charis (grace/kindness), as well as his leadership and social interactions with his churches, reflect an intentional shift away from reciprocity to charis, as well as from euergetism (doing good deeds) to selfless service. Paul's theology of charis introduces a fresh understanding of God, who freely extends his goodness to all in Christ, since all His actions are exclusively motivated by grace, not reciprocity. (Series: Theology in Africa - Vol. 2)

Publication Date: 8/5/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905475