Politics of Legal Regimes of Nuclear Energy in the Aspect of International Security

The NPT Regime, International Security, Nuclear Terrorism and International Cooperation

By Besfort T. Rrecaj

This book represents a comprehensive contemporary view of the current, hot, and controversial issues revolving around nuclear energy. It involves issues of international/national security where realpolitik, in terms of power politics, remain key features in State relations. States, through international law and cooperation, managed to put in place a nuclear energy management regime with the Non-Proliferation Treaty as its main pillar. The book analyzes the role of international law in this highly sensitive issue, with referral to specific cases of proliferation and the current standings in the control of nuclear energy. (Series: International Law and International Relations / Volkerrecht und internationale Beziehungen - Vol. 9) [Subject: International Affairs, Security Studies, Politics, Energy Studies, International Law]

Publication Date: 7/18/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905451