The Acholi of Uganda

Edited and introduced by Tim Allen

By Frank Knowles Girling, Okot p'Bitek

Edited by: Tim Allen

This book presents important works about the Acholi in Uganda in one volume. Frank Knowles Girling's The Acholi of Uganda and Okot p'Bitek's The Religion of the Central Lwo, African Religions in Western Scholarship and Acholi Love. Girling was writing about the Acholi at the time Okot was a teenager. They were also both introduced to anthropology in England by some of the same people, and they were both outsiders. Girling was a Marxist and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. He was actually thrown out of Uganda when he invited Indian independence activists to visit him. He was subsequently refused access to the UK anthropology establishment and became a sociologist - working on the working class in Glasgow. Okot was one of the most important of all African poets. His approach to anthropology is polemical and engaging.

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