Fragmentation of Resource Management on the South East Arm of Lake Malawi

Dynamics around Fisheries

Edited by: Steve Donda, Mafaniso Hara, Maxon Ngochera, Erling Berge

The southeast arm of Africa's Lake Malawi and its catchment provide interdependent benefits and livelihoods to its users, in particular the poor who draw upon on the various resources (fish, land, water, forests, wildlife, etc.) in the area. Unfortunately, management of these resources remains fragmented, resulting in suboptimal social, economic, and ecological outcomes. This book demonstrates the value of an inter-disciplinary approach in management of the southeast arm of the lake. It is one of seven case studies under the DARMA (Defragmenting African Resource Management in Southern Africa) project. (Series: Defragmenting African Resource Management [DARMA] - Vol. 3) [Subject: Natural Resource Management, Marine Science, Fisheries Studies, Environmental Studies, African Studies]

Publication Date: 9/29/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643905055