I Come from a Pancasila Family

A Discursive Study on Muslim-Christian Identity Transformation in Indonesian Post-Reformasi Era

By Suhadi

This book examines social identity transformations through interreligious relations in post-Reformasi Indonesia. It answers two questions: how do Muslims and Christians identify and position themselves and others; and what are the socio-cognitive effects of their identification and positioning? The objectives are, first, to gain insight into the relation between religious discourse and (the lack of) social cohesion, and, second, to contribute to a theory and method of studying interreligious relations. The study is based on 24 focus group discussions in Surakarta (Central Java), making a critical discourse analysis of them. The book concludes that the interviewees use various classifications to identify and position themselves and others, although these are not fixed but fluid, depending on specific situations and interests. The book advocates for a shift from the 'social identity' theory to a 'multiple identity' theory for studying religion and interreligious relations. (Series: Interreligious Studies - Vol. 6)

248 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904652