Rockin' in Red Square

Critical Approaches to International Education in the Age of Cyberculture (Second Edition)

Edited by: Walter Grunzweig, Nana Rinehart

This book examines the need for international educators to take the high road towards rigorous investment in the ideals of true cultural exchange, rather than taking the low road to customer satisfaction designing programs that reduce or eliminate challenges. International education, structured according to the latter principle, is little more than just another product in the global marketplace. In spite of the process of 'globalization' and partly because of it, international education faces a major crisis. This second edition - with contributors from the US, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, and the Netherlands - sets forth a timely and provocative critique of international education and attempts to assess its future under conditions that have changed radically during the past 20 years. (Series: Bildung und Innovation - Vol. 2)

230 pages

Publication Date: 1/8/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904614