Khrist Bhakta Movement: A Model for an Indian Church?

Inculturation in the Area of Community Building

By Ciril J. Kuttiyanikkal

Christianity and Hinduism are usually known as rival religions in India. A peaceful alternative is visible in their interaction in the context of the Khrist Bhakta movement. This religious movement is fascinating as it enables the people from Hindu culture to remain faithful believers in Christ without discarding their loyalty to Hindu culture and even Hindu "religion." However, this new assemblage brings with it fresh challenges to both Christianity and Hinduism. In this PhD research, author Ciril J. Kuttiyanikkal examines the contribution of the Khrist Bhakta movement to inculturation in the field of community-building in India. Kuttiyanikkal focuses on Matridham Asram at Varanasi, where rural Hinduism and the charismatic form of Catholic Christianity meet one another. Kuttiyanikkal addresses the issues involved in this encounter from a social, cultural, legal, pastoral, and theological perspective, which is relevant for all those interested in interreligious and intercultural encounters. Dissertation. (Series: Tilburg Theological Studies / Tilburger Theologische Studien - Vol. 6) [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Hinduism, India Studies, Cultural Studies]

376 pages

Publication Date: 1/17/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904591